Fair Government for Sumter

Our mission is to help the voters of Sumter County make informed choices in the next election.

Fair Government for Sumter, Inc. (FG4S) is a registered political action committee (PAC); that was started in 2019 by a small group of Sumter County residents with one purpose: To replace the five 2019 Sumter County Commissioners with independent, thoughtful, qualified candidates who will always put Sumter citizens FIRST. In 2020, the voters successfully replaced three of the five who in 2019 voted to increase the property tax rate by 25% to pay for new roads for the expansion of The Villages.

Since the completion of the 2020 election, we have been independent of new Sumter County Commissioners Estep, Gary Search, and Oren Miller.

In the 2022 August Primary election, Reed Panos, chairman of FG4S, is running for the office of District 1 Sumter County Commissioner. The Developer of The Villages regards Reed as a threat to his political power. Therefore, you can expect that the Developer owned The Villages Daily Sun will try to link the chairman of FG4S, Reed Panos, to Gary Search and Oren Miller. Starting with the May 17, 2022 edition of the Daily Sun published, “Reed Panos, a retired plastic surgeon and CCD 5 supervisor who runs the political action committee behind Miller and Search’s joint campaign.”

Our 2022 goals are:

Replace the remaining 2 County Commissioners who voted for the 2019 25% rate increase on your property taxes, which is impacting your property taxes today.

Replace state Representative Brett Hage, who received a $350,000 paycheck from The Villages and in 2021, succeeded in passing a state law that stopped the shifting the tax burden for new roads supporting the expansion of The Villages from the current property owners in Sumter County to the developer of The Villages. This blocked the rollback of the 2019 property tax rate increase.

Within The Villages District Government, some CDD supervisors and elected members of special committees favor the developer over the best interests of residents. They need to be replaced.

Several committees have been set up over the years to manage different aspects of The Village's governance. The largest group is the numbered districts, Districts 1-11 north of county road 44. These districts manage some of the governance pertaining to the maintenance of your district and the rules that cover public interaction (signs, deed compliance, architectural review). These numbered district governing committees vary in how responsive to the general public they are. Most have majority members who have the exact issues identified in the Sumter County Commission, that being they appear to represent the developer more than the residents. To correct this, Fair Government for Sumter is in the initial stages of identifying these numbered district developer committee members and replacing them with supervisors who have proven independent platforms that represent the residents within their district. More info

If you live in The Villages, we suggest that you check out the Property Owner's Association of The Villages, which is independent of both the Developer and FG4S.

What you can do to help meet the 2022 goals?

VOTE for the candidates recommended by this PAC.

Donate funds to assist qualified candidates.

Volunteer to help the Fair Government for Sumter PAC, the qualified candidates, and the POA when requested.

Contact this PAC directly if you'd like to be a part of the leadership or support committees. Or if you have suggestions to improve voter education.

Familiarize yourself with the issues by regularly checking our updates page, so you can effectively advocate and persuade others to join us.

Tell your friends and neighbors to go to www.FG4S.org for information on replacing the county commissioners and our state representative.

Fair Government 4 Sumter respects your concerns about privacy and wants to maintain your trust. Information we collect, restricted solely to information that you provide, such as name, home address, email address, phone number, demographic information, and/or Donation information (your credit card number), will NOT be shared by Fair Government for Sumter with any person, organization, or company. Specifically, the information will not be provided or disclosed in any manner to any third party without your prior consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may transfer and disclose information, e.g., personal information, and usage information, when required to comply with legal obligations requested by governmental authorities -- to protect the rights of the users of our website, or the public.

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